Tenth Annual


Alice in AuraLand

July 26-28, 2013

WHAT:  AuraMan 2013--- Alice in AuraMan

A great Burner-type event to boost the spirits of those not going to Burning Man this year, and to act as a pre-compression burn for those who are.

WHERE:  Sun Aura Nudist Resort

(Clothing-Optional)  Adults only – No one under 21-years-old

Roselawn, Indiana (35 miles south of Gary, in northwest Indiana)

WHEN: July 26 -28, 2013

WHY: Why Not?

To perpetuate the Burning Man philosophies, life-styles, and good times with Burner-minded members of Sun Aura Resort.

To offer Burners another regional-style get-together at which to pre-compress before heading out to the playa.

To help you feel better if you can't make it to the playa this year (or even if you can).

COST:   Free !!!

All you have to pay are the daily admission fees to enter the camp.  ($30 / day for couples or single females;  $45 / day for single males)

   For updated information about daily fees visit the Sun Aura web site.

Click on the other pages to find out more about the activities scheduled for the weekend, information about Sun Aura Resort, things to bring, and directions to get there.

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All individuals (hereinafter referred to as You or Your) attending AuraMan (hereinafter referred to as AuraMan or The Event) acknowledge that by Your attendance at AuraMan You participate by Your own free will, desire, resolve and/or lack of common sense.  You acknowledge that potentially dangerous acts and/or circumstances may occur and/or exist at any time before, during, and/or after The Event to include, but not limited to, art, fire, fireworks, fire-spinning, fire breathing, free love, loving freely, ass-grabbing, crotch-staring, nipple-gazing, gifting swag, farting, MOOPing, an outbreak of T.I.T.S., zombies, acts of God, god, or nature (Your choice), tomfoolery, naughtiness, legends, heroes, deities, inebriation, conjuring, various acts of freakery, assorted states of altered consciousness, spontaneous sleight-of-hand, etc.  You are responsible for you own behavior at AuraMan that may result in, but not limited to, mishap, injury, damage, maiming, accident, nipple-gazing, disaster, death, dismemberment, hangovers, out-of-body experiences, bad trips, good trips, seeing “God”, fantasies fulfilled, supernatural enchantment, monkeys on your back, indigestion, astonishment, astral projections, spells, nirvana, fellatio, embarrassment, cataclysmic misfortune, or encountering things that don’t exist.  You agree and swear to hold harmless for any and all such harm the AuraMan organizers and planners, and any and all other individuals who take part, or may have taken part, in planning and/or coordination of any of the AuraMan events, the construction of any structure on the grounds of or related to AuraMan, the construction and display of any and all art and/or fire projects at AuraMan, the playing of music at AuraMan, or the condition of the grounds and/or facilities where the Event is held.

Although you may think that AuraMan may sound in many ways, in few ways, or in no way, similar to a larger event known as Burning Man, AuraMan is in no way sanctioned by Burning Man LLC, and is not associated with them.  All similarities are totally fictitious and come from the warped imaginations of the AuraMan organizers and participants.

An Annual Carnivale and Burn

From Neon Joe, the coordinator for this year’s AuraMan:

I know a lot of campers have been wondering what the them for the next AuraMan is going to be. WELL IT'S OFFICIAL! This years AuraMan theme is going to be Alice In Aura Land! Let's see what kind of crazy whimsical and downright insane ideas you can come up with. The originators of the AuraMan Jim and Mary Jane will also be hosting the Mad Hatter Psychedelic Happy hour. Kat Niec will be hosting the decompression breakfast, and for the burn we will see the return of the flame throwers and Lasers! As always.... Every one is welcome to help with anything they can. Donations of wood for the burn are always welcomed and appreciated. If anyone has any pallets and wooden spools, we could sure use some. Any and all art is always welcome. So lets all get the creative juices flowing and make this another AuraMan to remember!